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635: Muslims begin the conquest of Persia and Syria.

622: About 75 converts from Medina took the two Pledges of al-Aqaba, professing to Islam and to protect Muhammad from all danger.

622: The Hijra: emigration of Muhammad and his followers to Yathrib (now: Madinat al-Nabi, “the city of the Prophet,” or simply, al-Madina).

Foundation of the first Islamic community; social and economic reforms. 624: Muhammad broke with his Jewish supporters because they refused to recognize him as a prophet and adopt Isalm.

He chose now to emphasize the Arabness of the new religion and has his followers face Mecca when praying instead of Jerusalem.

627: A confederation was created between Muhammad’s followers in Mecca and the eight Arab clains in Medina with the Constitution of Medina.

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By 651, the entire Persian realm would come under the rule of Islam and continued its westward expansion. 641: Under the leadership of Abd-al-Rahman, Muslims conquer southern areas of Azerbaijan, Daghestan, Georgia, and Armenia.

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