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Dating scene in atlanta

“There’s a lack of social support from the community and organizations for individuals who find themselves single,” she said.

“I’m not looking to just date someone, but a partner who is going to communicate and share their life with me,” she said.

She added: “I guess my hope within this community is that people aren’t afraid of commitment and they stop thinking about what’s greener in the other pastures without taking in what’s in front of you.

Though she has tried matchmaking, she said she often was paired with much older men, and she has failed to meet the right person with JDate and other dating apps.

She said she has found that most of the men on Match and JDate are not Jewish.

Appelrouth has never used a matchmaker but may be willing to do so in the future.

The dating game in Jewish Atlanta is a common topic of discussion, but to gain a better perspective of what it’s like for older singles, including those who are divorced or widowed, the AJT spoke with people over the age of 40.

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Don said he is frequently invited to the homes of friends and family members for Shabbat dinners.Despite looking for a potential partner after her period of mourning, Appelrouth has found it difficult to re-enter the dating scene.She has tried online dating, including using JSwipe and considering JDate, but she has found the apps overwhelming.Although she belongs to a synagogue, she has a problem finding a relationship within the shul because she considers herself Conservative while most members are Orthodox.“A lot of the men are not going to ask me out because even though I keep kosher, I still drive on Shabbos and am not in a position to have a match made.” She said her age often plays a role in meeting someone.Appelrouth is active in the community, participating in various events, but she said she would like to see more programs targeting singles in her age group.