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Unhealthy dating relationships

It’s easy to be part of a winning team, but it’s time life does not go so smoothly that reveal the depth of a relationship.

Good communication – Each partner should speak honestly and openly to avoid miscommunication.

If one person needs to sort out his or her feelings first, the other partner should respect those wishes and wait until he or she is ready to talk.

Anger control – We all get angry, but how we express it can affect our relationships with others.

Anger can be handled in healthy ways such as taking a deep breath, counting to ten, or talking it out.

Mature relationships are based on acceptance, not judgement of how someone thinks someone else should be.

If someone’s love is contingent on “what you can do for me” realize that there might not be room enough in the relationship for the two of you.

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If you are involved with someone who tends to blame you for their anger and problems, and you spend too much energy either defending yourself or trying to be understood, stop expecting the light bulb to turn on. Remember that it takes two people to argue, and another person’s unreasonable behavior is never any excuse for yours.A sure sign of unhealthiness is when someone has more power over you than you have over yourself.Remember—no one has power over you unless you give it to them!Each should continue seeing his or her friends and doing the things he/she loves.Each should be supportive of his/her partner wanting to pursue new hobbies or make new friends.People who think they’re in love might really be more in infatuation. One sure sign is when times get tough, the tough get going.