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Dating a seaman

The player is also provided with multiple Seamen for breeding and interaction purposes.

It became clear that sometime during these years they were able to conduct further research on Seaman's evolution, quite possibly even up to the creature walking on all fours.

Unfortunately, there was very little hard data or evidence that substantiated these findings.

In July 2000, an expedition team embarked for Egypt in a first major research of the Seaman in the wild.

The "Seaman" is a form of freshwater fish (the color and shape of the fins suggest that it is a Carp) with a very lifelike human face.

In this form, it is essentially a parasite, which overruns a host Nautilus via being eaten and consumes it from the inside out for nourishment.

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Over the course of the game, it is required of the player to evolve their Seaman to different stages in its life cycle, eventually transforming into a frog-like creature outlined on the Disc's cover.

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The player is provided with an unhatched Seaman egg at the beginning of the game and through various terms of development and conditions develops and interacts with it.The player's role is to feed and care for Seaman, while providing him with the company that he needs.In fact, the player is required to check on the Seaman every day of real time, or he could die. When he asks what the player's birthday is (and the player responds via the microphone input), Seaman will then share significant events which happened on that date.In this stage, the player's interaction is somewhat minimal and plays similar to a tutorial, allowing the player to learn to control the heat in the fish tank, direct the Mushroomers, and clean out any filthy water that has accumulated over time.After emerging from the deceased body of the Nautilus, the organism enters a stage called the Gillman, which features a humanoid face and small, fish-like body.By using various buttons on the Dreamcast controller, the player controls all of the machinery and physical contact with the mysterious creature.