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Mike Tomlinson is the only candidate in the race's GOP primary.

The Republican candidates, who will both advance to the general election, are Christine Fizzano Cannon, a Court of Common Pleas judge in Delaware County (highly recommended), and Paul Lally, a Pittsburgh lawyer (recommended).

You can read questionnaires submitted by the statewide judicial candidates and more information about the Bar Association's ratings on the organization's website.

Negrin's background as a board member of Ceasefire PA is encouraging on the gun front, especially his goal of going after gun shops that cater to straw buyers.

His early experience in the DA's office gives him insight into a troubled juvenile justice system.

The normally sleepy Democratic primary has been unusually testy, as Rhynhart, a veteran of city government but a political neophyte, seeks to oust Butkovitz, a longtime ward leader in the Northeast.

Judicial seats: Local Voters will also choose candidates for Court of Common Pleas judges, who preside over cases in the state’s courts of general trial jurisdiction.

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The embattled prosecutor, who is facing federal corruption and bribery charges, is not seeking a third term, prompting a highly contested primary for the position.Here is more coverage about the race for city controller: The primaries for city positions are of considerable importance: Because registered Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans in Philadelphia, the winner of the Democratic primary essentially wins the election in municipal races.Ballot questions: All Philadelphians – including third-party and Independent voters – can vote on two ballot initiatives.There is a partisan election this year for just one seat on the nine-member court: Republican Sallie Mundy, appointed to the court last year by Gov. (In November, two other judges will also be up for retention votes.) Voters will also choose four judges for the Pennsylvania Superior Court, a state appellate court.Five candidates in each party are running; voters can pick up to four to advance to the general election.Incumbent Alan Butkovitz is seeking a fourth term; Rebecca Rhynhart, a former city treasurer, budget director and chief administrative officer, is seeking to unseat him.