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But it was all he could cling to in the new life he had chosen. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend reading it without gaining some background into the setting first, however, as there is a large cast of supporting characters who already have an established history with Mc Call.

Where he can, he prefers a softer touch since his mission is to help people, not hurt them.

Even after parachuting behind enemy lines in jihadist-controlled Syria, he has time to consider the moral quandaries he can all too often find himself bogged down in: Mc Call looked around what had been a living room.

Most of these have to do with—perhaps surprisingly—mothers: there’s a mother looking for her wayward 20-something daughter in the big city; a mother seeking recourse for her much younger daughter, a victim of their building’s rat infestation; and a mother who doesn’t believe the US Army when they tell her that her son has been killed in action in the Middle East.

There’s also the case of a vanished former boss from Mc Call’s time at The Company, a shadowy branch of the CIA.

Fortunately, you can come to this familiarity through either the television show or the first novel in this series, also titled (the movie is set in Boston and doesn’t feature many of Mc Call’s contacts, alas, so it would be of limited use for this).

Leslie was born Rose Eleanor Arbuthnot-Leslie in Aberdeen, Scotland, near Lickleyhead Castle, where her family has lived for more than 500 years.Rose is the daughter of Candida Mary Sibyl (Weld) and Sebastian Arbuthnot-Leslie, who is the Aberdeenshire Chieftain of Clan Leslie.

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I always enjoyed the idea of it though: a person who was willing to help equalize the odds against you when you were the target of bad people.In 2009, she appeared in the made-for-TV film, Purves Pekkala (2009), in which she received a Scottish BAFTA Award for Best Acting Performance - New Talent Award.In 2010, Rose appeared in the British TV Series, Downton Abbey (2010), as "Gwen Dawson", for 7 episodes. TMZ has obtained a photo of "Game of Thrones" star Kit Harington on a dinner date with his smokin' hot redhead co-star Rose Leslie in London…She is famous for playing Ygritte in the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones (2011).Leslie also appeared in the films Now Is Good (2012) and The Last Witch Hunter (2015).He wondered bitterly if the Equalizer had any chance of lifting even one human being out of despair.