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Dating alliancedating

Daniel Griffiths, Founder of Strength Alliance, is a passionate Cross Fitter, Company Director & Ex-British Army Soldier.

She doesn’t take it too seriously, but still, knows how to lift a barbell and likes to get a sweat on.

She probably has plenty of other hobbies and has lots of time to spend with you and her friends outside the gym on the weekend.

From athletes to coaches to aspiring athletes, a female Cross Fitter who spends upwards of 5 or 6 days a week training or teaching Cross Fit can be a difficult girl to date.

This is a woman who has decided to dedicate herself to her fitness, she wants to be the best she can be and also thinks she has a chance at being one of the best there is.

Who loves spending as much time in the gym as you and doesn’t mind getting sweaty and working hard.

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Instead of coming home to your girlfriend after a long day at work and finding the dinner on the table and house cleaned you are more likely to be the one sitting around waiting.

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If you want a girl who competes and looks amazing in her sports bra and shorts, who lifts weights like a boss and can hang with the guys.She will get grumpy if she doesn’t eat enough and she will be sore from training hard.They say Cross Fit is a cult, while this joke sometimes rings true, I think the more honest version is that Cross Fit is a sport and it demands a lot from its athletes and from those who support them.I love to laugh, treat others as I'd like to be treated.Well Rounded,but no nonsene type i'm playful,but not a game is open .Dating a Cross Fit chick is a job for a pretty special type of guy, so to all those fellas who support their other half, who cook them dinner and cheer them on- you guys are amazing and we appreciate you more than you know.