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Carol soon enters the kitchen and either somehow avoided Cindy or failed to greet her or notice her current state when passing her.

Cindy’s condition is dismissed as something being on her mind.

She is seen again burying her face in a stuffed animal while crying.

A bit of time has passed and Carol summons the children to dinner. Marcia says Jan is still washing up and Cindy will not speak to anybody.

Jan has one long washing session as we will not see her this entire episode.

Perhaps she had a pronunciation book of her own that saw she lost her New England brogue.

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Mike offers words of comfort in that plenty of children lisp and Carol adds she had a lisp of her own as a child.

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Carol certainly doesn’t have a New England accent, so her family must have moved there after she was born.The warehouse supervisor in “The Possible Dream” was quite sleazy, but Buddy Hinton is just outright cruel.Here is a kid that is Peter’s age, if not older, and also much bigger, picking on a small child.Peter says he wasn’t chicken, he just didn’t feel like fighting.Mike arrives home at this time and is sent upstairs to talk to Peter.As so many other Brady Bunch stories did, this one begins with one of the kids arriving home from school. She comes home and ignores Alice as she passes through the kitchen.