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Who leonardo dicaprio dating

In October, we wondered if Di Caprio, who has an eerily identical 21-year-old Swedish doppelgänger, had tried to safeguard his youthful visage in a Benjamin Button–type scheme.

As celebrities descended upon Miami last week for Art Basel, Leonardo Di Caprio was one of the busiest of them all, hitting a variety of parties and clubs each night.

One person conspicuously missing by his side (most of the time) was his sometimes-girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn.

rich and famous older men—date much younger women all the time.

It’s one of those accepted, ubiquitous social cues that tell women they get less fuckable as they age, but men don’t.

RELATED: Miley Cyrus Parties with Kennedy During Wild Night in Miami Garrn, on the other hand, attended more art-focused outings such as the IWC Schaffhausen “Timeless Portofino” event, and the Hunter & Gatti showcase, which she hosted, at Katsuya Restaurant inside the SLS Hotel. They were spotted together once in the Magic City, at the 1OAK/Up&Down pop-up at Rec Room on Friday night, but it doesn’t sound like love was in the air.

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So far, for the 2012 election cycle, Leo has donated at least $5,000 to Obama’s re-election campaign.Di Caprio is widely-known as a serious environmentalist.

Di Caprio hit up club Wall Miami at the W Hotel numerous times with buddy Tobey Maguire (and a gaggle of women) and enjoyed a dinner with 20 friends (mostly women, but not Toni) at the Bianca at Delano, while also indulging in some late-night partying at club E11EVEN with the likes of Miley Cyrus.The actor had a literal May-December relationship with Toni Garrn, who Di Caprio dated from May 2013, when he was 38 and she was 20, to December 2014.His most recent romance was with Rohrbach, who turned 25 during their half-year stint.rookie of the year Kelly Rohrbach, 41-year-old Leonardo Di Caprio is back on the market.After the actor nurses his wounds and does the inner processing work a failed engagement demands, he’s bound to start looking for another chance at love. After dating a bevy of beauties, the Oscar nominee has maintained a pattern of going after supermodels.” It’s true: Over the past decade, all of Di Caprio’s confirmed romantic partners have been traditionally beautiful, blond, and models. Casual flings and rumored trysts aside, to public knowledge, Di Caprio has never had a relationship with anyone who’s been old enough to avoid a military draft.Di Caprio seems particularly committed to the 20-25 age range, though; maybe it’s a very specific trophy-girlfriend archetype he’s looking for, or maybe he’s scared to date someone as grown and wise to the world as he is. He could also be nostalgic for that time in his own life, which was when he hit the big time in But there could be a more complex explanation for Di Caprio’s narrow sexual orientation.