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How to pick theperfect dating service

'Surprise them with a passport holder or travel clutch, and then put the plane tickets inside,' she says.

'If he’s into vinyl, a memorable “we made it to a year” stage gift is a fancy turntable - you can both listen to your favorite albums together!

Or, if he likes photography and film, a Go Pro or Fuji Instax are always popular choices.' 'Again, here is where you can splurge a little and spring for something she or he has coveted,' says Dr Hokemeyer.

But creating a profile that compels other people to respond to it — and, more importantly, the type of people you'd want to date to respond to it — is an art form only few have mastered.

To fill in the gaps for those of us whose relationship status reads "hopelessly single," researchers have begun to break down the techniques for attracting attention online, turning the hunt into a science.

Dr Kathryn Smerling, a family therapist and relationship expert, suggests that if you're in the uncertain stage of the relationship you should consider getting something small, yet thoughtful.

Dr Smerling adds: 'If you’re in the tie-the-knot phase, a vintage watch for him and a diamond bracelet for her.

But many, like Carol Burns Stoney, a local couples therapist, believe the lengths these analysts have gone to unlock the mysteries of dating is nothing short of touching.'Its okay to splurge [on] that Micheal Kors bag she's had her eye on, providing it doesn't place you in a position of financial hardship,' he says.For women, Dr Smerling suggests that these more indulgent gifts could take the form of something like a modest piece of jewelry, a French press coffee machine, or rose gold headphones.'For the guys, Chemex coffee makers and cigar humidors are always in vogue,' she adds.'You should know them well enough by now to know what they enjoy/don’t enjoy doing.'Think about theater tickets, a Soul Cycle class package (if he/she is into fitness of course! 'For a girl, you can never go wrong with a perfume sampler set, a cozy throw to keep her warm this winter, or a fancy coffee table book by an artist she loves.'A lovely piece of jewelry or a nice watch is a great way to mark the time.'Dr Smerling agrees that you should go all-out and spoil one another when you're in a committed long-term relationship, suggesting a well-earned vacation as a gift.