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By the spring of 1943, Miriam’s father decided that their prospect of survival was slim in the Ghetto, and they must go into hiding on Warsaw’s “Aryan” side.

Distinctively, this paper explores animal cloning and how it could support the extension and existence of these tourism pursuits in the future, focusing on the year 2070.

The paper applies a scenario planning approach as its methodological approach to research.

The study contributes innovative and original concepts to the future tourism landscape.

Through rigorous analysis and discussions in the fields of animal cloning and its relationship with tourism and tourists in potential future settings, a gap in the future market is presented. The paper offers interesting research for the futures field and tourism studies, offering scholars and industry with novel concepts for debating.

The doctors kept me unconscious during those first, most painful weeks.

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Miriam’s mother became her “aunt” Jadwiga Mozdrzvaske.

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One day in 1983 Tom wandered into a Jewish bookstore in Toronto.But since he was young and in top physical shape, his body was able to fight back. When I woke up, I didn’t even recognize myself.” Tom had a massive spinal injury which left the lower half of his body paralyzed.Born of strong stock, Tom came to relish the challenge. As the furthest extremity from my brain, it was my most effective way to demonstrate voluntary muscle control.” One day he felt his toe twitch. Surgeons flew in from around the country to witness this groundbreaking achievement.Amidst all this – search, discovery, conversion, aliyah – Gershom’s mother never uttered a word about the secret buried deep inside.Gershom’s mother grew up as Miriam Zimmerman in a Jewish family in the Polish city of Lodz. In 1939, when the Nazis invaded Poland, Miriam’s father thought it would be safer in the larger city of Warsaw. In time, the Nazi beasts clamped down on Warsaw’s 400,000 Jews, herding them into a 1.3 square-mile cage called the Warsaw Ghetto.At the tender age of 13, Miriam became surrounded by starvation, disease, and deadly beatings at the hands of uniformed monsters. Miriam, whose blonde hair and blue eyes gave her a “gentile look,” was sent daily to forage for food.