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Northwest singles dating

“It’s for people who are career-focused; super ambitious; and driven.

We are a 50 social club that plans a monthly calendar of activities to provide companionship, camaraderie, intellectual stimulation, and support.

Though everyone is welcome the majority of our membership is retired.

The service has, on average, a 20-to-30 percent acceptance rate.

Bradford likened this process to how top colleges screen out applicants and equated it to “admissions-based dating.” The company once described itself as a “Harvard admission committee meets Tinder.” Bradford also said The League is similar to a private members-only club like Soho House.

Added Bradford: “We want to create a diverse community of people from different backgrounds that are people you couldn’t just meet by going to your neighborhood bar.” There certainly other apps that target specific groups of people based on status.

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There is an odd myth out there; a lot of people assume the NW is full of men and hardly any women. In the NW yes its true most Sports Bars are 3 men to 1 woman, on a Seahawks Game day it’s more like – 6 men to 1 woman.Girls looking for love, start educating yourself on Hawks Football.

“It will be a perfect fit for the model.” Once you sign up for The League — it asks for Facebook and Linked In profile access, along with personal details and detailed preferences for a potential partner — the company puts you through both a human review committee and an algorithm to decide if, basically, you’re good enough.These power couples will ultimately serve as the role models that our society sorely lacks today.The League, which employs 25 people and raised $2.5 million, also throws private parties for its members and will host a launch event in Seattle next week.The startup has racked up more than 500,000 sign-ups on its platform.Bradford said her company has already sold more than 100 memberships — $179 per year, which speeds up the matching process and provides access to special perks — to Seattle-based users, even before the app was active in the city.Founded in 2014, The League differentiates itself from the bevy of dating apps with a vetting process that scrutinizes a candidate’s education, career, and, as founder Amanda Bradford explains, “ambition.” “It’s a dating app for aspiring power couples,” Bradford told Geek Wire this week.