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Difficulties obtaining suitable samples for mass spectrometric analysis render the application of modern proteomic technologies difficult.

We studied the natural history of extruded lumbar intervertebral discs using MRI.

Forty-nine patients with lumbar disc herniation were included in this study. On the T2-weighted sagittal MR image, the signal intensity in the herniated mass was measured and the ratio to that in the original nucleus (i.e., nucleus pulposus from which they extruded) was calculated (signal intensity ratio; SIR).

, Yoshitaka Hamada and Takashi Chikawa : Neuroprotection and regeneration of the spinal cord.

Uchida K, Nakamura M, Ozawa H, Katoh S, Toyama Y(Eds), --- Oxidative stress as secondary injury mechanism ---, Springer Japan, Tokyo, 2014.

The SIR of 1.2 and higher is a good indicator predicting spontaneous reduction of the HNP.

Sacroiliac joint (SIJ) pain originating from the posterior ligament manifests in not only the buttocks but also the groin and lower extremities and thus may be difficult to discern from pain secondary to other lumbar disorders.

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In ten patients who were re-examined by MRI after conservative treatment, the size of the herniation measured by T1-weighted axial MR image was compared before and after treatment.The activity of the PVM decreased and that of the VL increased after surgery.The results indicate that patients with LSS walk in a forward-bending position without flexing the spine, which can be one of the neurologic symptoms.In addition to the detailed proteome of both tissues, we also quantitatively determine the major protein composition of samples, by measuring peak area of some characteristic peptides detected in tissue samples and in purified proteins.As a result, differences between human Achilles tendon and yellow ligament were elucidated at molecular level.These tissues are insoluble, mainly due to the highly cross-linked ECM proteins such as collagens.