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There are minor changes that set this phone apart from its predecessor, and we find out all about it in our review.

I turned to look at her and noticed she was quite blurry because by now the swirling snakes had morphed into a thick screen of tiny dots. At the doctor’s office in Santa Fe, an ophthalmologist examined me, but then told me to go see the retinal specialist upstairs. Doctor number two told us I had a retinal tear in, surprisingly, both eyes, and one was detached.

I told her what was going on and she said emphatically, “Call the doctor! Staying late, he then did a laser procedure on each eye.

Is there anything more exciting than your first chest hair? That's what happened to Cody (Chez Starbuck), and it explained why he was so good at swimming.

Or being 13 and thinking of all the different types of mustaches you could grow? Too bad being a mermaid isn't an easy thing to explain to your heated rival/teammate.

Any rational person would be cool with just believing the dude was on 'roids that had some crazy side effects.

Much of the time I kept my eyes closed, wondering who I was and who I would be without eyes. I discovered You Tube lectures, audiobooks, silence. Doctor number four checked me out and said healing was pacing normally. Suddenly I was having vivid dreams, as my life became virtual. The single sleep position flattened my right ear and hurt half my head. That week finally ended and we drove to the doc in Santa Fe, my face dutifully down.

Director: Duwayne Dunham Stars: Chez Starbuck, Courtnee Draper, Tim Redwine Lesson Learned: All adopted kids are mermaids.8,999 price tag, and the fact that it included an accurate fingerprint sensor at that price.Soon after came the Coolpad Note 3 Lite (Review), which also offered good specifications and the signature fingerprint sensor at an even more competitive price. I was barely able to take in everything that had just happened. For a week I had to hold myself still with my face down, at least 80% of the time, in order to keep that gas bubble floating up against the reattachment on the back of my eyeball. I thought, “This is my life now.” Carolyn had to put on my socks (I was not allowed to bend down), she made my meals (I was only allowed 20 minutes to eat), she read my computer screen for me. I was, however, grateful for the opportunity to slow down my brain, my thoughts. And I could finally clean that damn soup off my face. In post-op, Carolyn was writing down all the instructions. Suddenly I said, with apparent earnestness, “I’m going to miss this.” Laughter. I could start doing some normal activity: make my meals, retrieve things for myself, read!Coolpad has now launched a third variant of the phone, the Note 3 Plus. 8,999, which was the original price of the Coolpad Note 3 before its price cut.