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Youth skits on dating

In March of 2015, I was standing ten feet away from a former principal that I had spent every day with for a year.

I was 16 years old, newly elected to Student Council for the upcoming school year, and dating a girl from the rival high school.

I was excelling in school, athletics, and popularity. From a young age, the plan was for my family to invest their money then, so I would get a scholarship in the future to pay for my education.

Thousands of people are in need of food, housing, and immediate assistance.

In light of these unique and challenging circumstances, several businesses have come together to raise funds to provide relief for local individuals and families.

At that point it seemed like the future was in my hands; possibilities were limitless, especially in sports. Everything was going according to plan, until that spring. The devil was handing me all the pleasures of the world on a silver platter: money, popularity, influence ~ all self-gratifications.

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There is also blood pressure screenings, raffle drawings for a free Fitbit and Coronary Calcium score. Iconic businesses like Esalen, Nepenthe, Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn, Ventana, and Post Ranch are all temporarily closed.

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When I consider it, I am filled with gratefulness that He kept me alive through it all.100% of donations will be used for relief and assistance.My name is Anthony Huerta and I am a YWAM Missionary. Looking back I see God’s hand all around my upbringing.There was the occasional “disrespect,” “tardy,’ “excessive talking,” but nothing out of the ordinary for a young boy. I had to know what it was like outside of that “little Christian bubble.” My class went from 80 students, to 1000 students over a summer.No blatant warning signs, no tweenage crisis, no desperate outburst’s for help, just a normal kid growing up in West Texas. I was like an Arab woman dropped into a swimming pool in the middle of Las Vegas!I saw exponential growth in all the wrong areas: selfishness, vanity, envy, greed, control, PRIDE.