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Absolutely accessed dating sites

Search for your listing on Peoplefinders' opt-out page.

Check back with these sites if your information changes to make sure your data stays offline. Fill out Acxiom's opt-out form, which requires your name, phone numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses to match you to your profile.

Search for your listing on Been Verified's opt-out page and provide your email address.

You'll receive an email with a link you need to click to confirm your opt-out.

Submit a request for removal through the site's contact form.

Unfortunately, every site has its own set of hoops to jump through to delete an account.

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Search for your listing on Peek You and note the number at the end of the URL. Box 4145, Bellevue, WA 98009-4145) a removal request to People Lookup.

" This will keep your Facebook posts off search engines for more privacy.Search for the accounts you want to delete, and follow the instructions to get rid of them.The next step is getting your data off the major people search sites themselves.All you have to do is click a few confirmation links (and ignore any offers trying to sell you information) to get rid of your information.While the site name specifies Peoplefinders, this process also opts you out of Public Records Now, which is owned by the same company.Then enter your email address; you'll receive an email with a link you need to click to confirm your opt-out.