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Dating aria

This is the transgender experience being leveraged for monetary gain by the same people who have profited in past and continue to profit from our oppression.

It sells our struggles as entertainment and profits from both the curiousity of the public and the grasping of trans people to see ourselves in the media.

Arguably it's never been about us, with many past examples having relied heavily on the tropes that have long served to make us targets.

We need acceptance from cis people, and -- to be fair -- acceptance seems to be increasing, but is it acceptance of us for who we are?

Would cis people see humanity in us if we were not being repackaged in the image of cis humanity?

The tradition of hiring cisgender male actors to play transgender women, and cis women to play trans men continues to this day with actors winning awards and critical acclaim for their brief portrayal of a cisgender interpretation of our lives.

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This is just good business -- capitalism does not lend itself well to altruism, even in the more liberal press.There is profit to be gained in the press, and an easy recipe you can use to do it: Hyperbolic conspiracy theory?

Similar to gay representation in the 1990s, we stare into our screens and stereotyped, shallow versions of ourselves are reflected.While their moods may have shifted and we may now see mostly positive representation, it's at their whim, and the wind can still push against us at any moment. A large but uncertain number of transgender people are being left behind in what few improvements we have experienced.Many of us will be memorializing our dead peers and friends around the world, killed in violent crimes.It doesn't create jobs, feed us, provide shelter, let us go to the bathroom, give us legal protections and remedy, grant us medical treatment or stop us from getting killed.If visibility is indeed the path to acceptance, then we need visibility that improves the lives of all transgender people.The money making apparatus of the media is not seeking to tell our stories accurately, but to select for the most ideal, appealing or controversial depending on which representations are most salable in the current market.