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I'll take a crazy guess and say yours has 6V stamped inside the oval. It's even tougher if you're stupid." ~ John Wayne "Good enough" isn't.

Polycarp disciple of the apostle John and by him ordained bishop of Smyrna was chief of all Asia, where he saw and had as teachers some of the apostles and of those who had seen the Lord.

He, on account of certain questions concerning the day of the Passover, went to Rome in the time of the emperor Antoninus Pius while Anicetus ruled the church in that city.

I just picked up a new to me gun to add to a growing collection. This gun has be sitting for at least 4 years in a case at my local True Value. Here is more pics of my new favorite gun (besides my Savage .17).

I wanted then and when I happen to go there today and it was still there I would not leave with out it. The barrel length is 24" and the stock is solid wood.

I'm pleased with MOA rifles but prefer candle-snuffers and especially match-lighters.

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Whatsoever things he had heard from them respecting the Lord, both with regard to His miracles and His teaching, Polycarp having thus received [information] from the eye-witnesses of the Word of life, would recount them all in harmony with the Scriptures.

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Thus, in fact, the difference [in observing] the fast establishes the harmony of [our common] faith.And the presbyters preceding Sorer in the government of the Church which thou dost now rule-I mean, Anicetus and Pius, Hyginus and Telesphorus, and Sixtus-did neither themselves observe it [after that fashion], nor permit those with them to do so.Notwithstanding this, those who did not keep [the feast in this way] were peacefully disposed towards those who came to them from other dioceses in which it was [so] observed (although such observance was [felt] in more decided contrariety [as presented] to those who did not fall in with it; and none were ever cast out [of the Church] for this matter.For some consider themselves hound to fast one day, others two days, others still more, while others [do so during] forty: the diurnal and the nocturnal hours they measure out together as their [fasting] day.And this variety among the observers [of the fasts] had not its origin in our time, but long before in that of our predecessors, some of whom probably, being not very accurate in their observance of it, handed down to posterity the custom as it had, through simplicity or private fancy, been [introduced among them].See if you can find a small oval stamped on the barrel, this is a date code.