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Who is felicity huffman dating

The group, now complete, has impressed The Trill owner (played by director William H.

Sam continues to wait at the bar where he told him to meet him and even leaves a message for Josh who has apparently stood him up.

He is distracted by a news report of a school shooting incident at his son's campus library on the television in the bar.

He storms over to where Emily had left it beside the road and begins to place it in a dumpster but stops, noticing the notebooks and discs, and begins to listen to them back on the boat, and read through the collection of lyrics and writings Josh left behind.

He even begins to teach himself some his son's material.

At the end of the night, Quentin gets Sam to agree to perform together at The Trill, adding more and more to each arrangement, including a percussion section in the way of Aiken.

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Sam declares he is not interested, and continues to listen to more and teach himself his son's material.Quentin tries again the next day and shows him an alternate arrangement possibility for the song.

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It is inferred that Josh was one of the victims in the shooting.Quentin is embarrassed because his mother has had issues with (unspecified) responsibilities, even spending his junior year of high school living in a car, and has vowed never to lower himself to that level of poverty again.At the mall, Sam buys Quentin new clothing to give him a style, and develop confidence from it.Macy) who asks them to perform regular Saturday nights as house entertainment, to which the band agrees—even Sam, reluctantly.The new name, “Rudderless”, quickly gains notoriety and local fame.The next day, the quartet meeting to practice in Quentin's garage beneath his apartment, and Quentin is very evasive about his own past.