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The boy was hospitalised with serious injuries, and then Gareth Bainbridge "took the law into his own hands" and decided to take revenge on the man for causing fractures to the relative's head.

He said: "This was a sequence of events that were totally out of character for Liam Carr."It seems that everything that happened after that incident is because of his loyalty for the Bainbridge family."He has expressed his remorse to the probation officer.

For a teenager to have the maturity to say ‘I deserve to go to prison because someone lost their life’ is a great admission."He is a very young man of good character who has acted out of loyalty."Toby Hedworth, QC, said that his client Gareth Bainbridge became enraged after his son was struck by the brick, and was hospitalised.

The town is governed as part of the Borough of Hartlepool, a unitary authority which also controls outlying villages such as Seaton Carew, Greatham and Elwick.

Hartlepool was founded in the 7th century, around the monastery of Hartlepool Abbey.

He accepts in his plea that he did not act in the way that he should have as a responsible adult."When a very drunk man had caused his son a very serious injury he was enraged by that.

Mr Wright said: "He was struck in the left-hand carriageway by Liam Carr's vehicle as he headed down the road.Mr Wood was very much across the carriageway."After the vehicle had sped away witnesses at the scene they did what they could to help Gary Wood."He suffered from extensive injuries.

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Hartlepool Town Wall: dating from the late 14th century, the limestone wall once enclosed the whole of the medieval town.Mr Hedworth said: "He is a hard-working family man.He has worked in groundwork for many years now."He is mindful that he is the adult here.Original Soundtrack Download the Yeah Jam Fury (2012) Original Soundtrack We also have a special event announcement regarding the game this Friday, so be sure to follow us so you don’t miss it! Prosecutor Richard Wright, QC, told Newcastle Crown Court how an argument ensued in a car park outside of Glendale Social Club, Houghton, between Carr, the younger Bainbridge and a "heavily intoxicated" male associate.He said that following the altercation, the two defendants got into their car and the drunk man threw a brick at the vehicle - but it flew through the window and hit Larry Bainbridge's younger relative in the head.