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She was especially determined to send her children to school despite prejudice from teachers and parents.

“I still cry in silence in the dark - for my children and for myself.

My wish is that I can seek some comfort in my lifetime simply in recognition that we exist.” Vo Thi Mai Dinh, from the Tuy Phuoc District, in Binh Dinh Province, has a similar story to tell. Instead, I was working as a cleaner to help my family survive during the war.

He later returned to Korea too and I gave birth again to another daughter.

I cried every day.” Incredibly, Mrs Ngai was raped a third time the following year by yet another Korean solider who had been briefed on her whereabouts by departing colleagues.

She said: “I was just a young girl during the war but I worked as a nurse to support people in my village. They thought I had had sex with him of my own free will. My parents told me to abort the child so I tried to do it with medicine but it didn’t work. I thought about committing suicide but somehow I found a way to carry on.” Once ‘defiled’ by Korean soldiers, women were labelled ‘fair game’ for fellow comrades.

“But when the Communists declared victory, everything changed for me.

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A South Korean commander from a nearby base appeared in my room and started hugging me. Once again, this man moved towards me holding me tightly before pulling me down to the ground and raping me on the floor.“A year later I moved into another job as a lunch cook for one of the South Korean commanders.One day in 1972, I was taking food to his room when he closed the door.South Korea’s contingent was bigger than that of Australia or New Zealand - second only to the US military.Troops were largely concentrated in Vietnam’s Central Province.“After it happened a third time I felt very vulnerable and miserable - like there was no hope anyone would believe me.” Despite suffering crippling depression, Mrs Ngai made an admirable attempt to be a good mother.