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Using her extra key, she stumbles into Polly and Pete's apartment to find Larry house-sitting.

Her older brother, Danny, has been referenced as "the perfect son" but has not appeared in the series.

Her younger brother, Cal, was generally regarded as the "black sheep" of the family before her incarceration.

Despite her personal flaws, she is often willing to reflect upon her negative actions and work on character flaws pointed out by her peers (such as her commonly referred to self-indulgent attitude). She has an infinity tattoo on her left side, a tattoo on her left arm in white ink that says "Trust no bitch", a fish tattoo on the back of her neck, and a "window" branded onto her left arm.

She is tall and thin, and so typical of the perfect female stereotype that her nickname in prison quickly becomes "Blondie." She also has other nicknames due to her appearance for example: "Taylor Swift," "Lindsay Lohan," "Dandelion," "Blond Katy Perry", and "College." She usually wears a white t-shirt or thermal under her tan jumpsuit, and she notes that the prison-issue canvas slip-ons look like trendy Toms ("I Wasn't Ready").

At some point before her incarceration but after she had been indicted, Piper had a pregnancy scare.

Piper's parents were obsessed with appearances and projected this onto their children.

Looking for a job after graduating from college, Piper met edgy Alex Vause at a bar.Spending a nice day at the beach to mark her remaining days of freedom, Piper was reading books about getting through prison when Larry unexpectedly proposed.Although she was surprised that he would do this before she left, he insisted that he had to lock their relationship down.Both sides of Piper are shown repeatedly throughout the series, albeit the former less the more time Piper spends in prison.Piper also has a habit of coming off as obnoxiously self-righteous at times which could be attributed to her upbringing.After chastising a homeless person for not taking care of his dog to her satisfaction, Piper was bitten by the beast.