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Updating old addresses

There are two problems with this: First, spammers can just guess at addresses to send to.

Then you'll have to deal with hundreds of bounce messages from spams that went to dead addresses.

So if you want to use this method, then set it up for use with a subdomain like [anything], and never list your subdomain on a web page or send out email from your mail client with it.

Knowing these things are the key to preventing spam.

Our strategies for preventing spam revolve around preventing spammers from getting our address from websites, and limiting who we give our email address to.

They use automated programs called spambots which scour websites looking for email addresses to add to their lists.

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An old trick is to have two addresses: a "real" address that you give only to family and close friends, and a "throwaway" address you use for everything else. When you buy something on e Bay, you use lisa [email protected]

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Once an address has been stolen by spammers there's no way to get them to "un-steal" it.I tested this with several addresses and I never got any spam from them, so I'm satisfied that they're clean. As I write this (November 2008), the cost is $50/year.Full disclosure: If you sign up from that link, I get a commission.It's far less likely that a spammer will target a subdomain to send randomly-addressed spam to (especially if they've never heard of that domain), and less likely that they'll list the subdomain in the return address of spam they send out.Dreamhost offers catch-all addresses and free subdomains with hosting plans, and they host a domain for as little as $7.95/mo.So I used a different address for everyone I did business with -- Sierra [email protected], [email protected], Ace [email protected], etc. Then if one of these businesses let spammers get my email address, I could just turn that individual email addresss off.