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Accommodating employees with asperger syndrome

This was the response which I sent back to the IBEW LU 424 the total response was 399 pages with all the attachments.

I am sick of the IBEW LU 424 and how unfair and biased they are.

It seems that the IBEW Constitution only applies to certain people and others it doesn’t.

The IBEW LU 424 is also in no way being reasonable in their demands with this IME.

I agreed to the terms set out by Kevin Levy and once I did then he changed them to the current demands.

Notice it says “Any member” I have the right to request an appeal to the suspension of my dispatch abilities under the IBEW LU 424 constitution.

Benedict and refuses to be reasonable in this matter. Benedict there is a reasonable apprehension of bias here with Mr.

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The employer does not have an unconditional right to full disclosure of the employee’s medical situation.” “All parties are expected to keep an open line of communication to resolve conflicts over medical information.” To request a life time of my medical information goes well beyond anything needed by the IBEW LU 424.The IBEW LU 424 has absolutely NO right to continue to suspend my dispatch abilities and the Alberta Labor laws are very clearly that the IBEW LU 424 has no such right to suspend my dispatch abilities other than for non-payment of dues and my dues are paid up. No trade union shall expel or suspend any of its members or take disciplinary action against or impose any form of penalty on any person for any reason other than a failure to pay the periodic dues, assessments and initiation fees uniformly required to be paid by all members of the trade union as a condition of acquiring or retaining membership in the trade union, unless that person has been (a) served personally or by double registered mail with specific charges in writing, (b) given a reasonable time to prepare the person’s defence, (c) afforded a full and fair hearing, including the right to be represented by counsel, and (d) found guilty of the charge or charges, and if a monetary penalty has been imposed, fails to pay it after having been given a reasonable time to do so.The IBEW LU 424 has absolutely no intention of even trying to resolve this matter and want to continue to wrongly keep me out of work.The demands currently being made by the IBEW LU 424 are in no way reasonable and are unfair and would lead to a biased IME in the favor of the IBEW LU 424.These scumbags at the IBEW LU 424 won’t stand up for another member and won’t even sit down with me to try and talk to me about what is going on and try and resolve this As of about October 4 2016 it will be 4 years that I have been discriminated against by this Union.