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- Momopi or anyone else out there, do you know of any software I could use that can publish magazines in template formats?

- What are the startup and publishing costs for a printed magazine? - Would it be better to do it just in an online PDF format?

- Do most magazines make their money from subscription fees or advertising fees? - I would imagine that since subscription fees tend to be low, that magazines must make most of their money from advertising. That would eliminate any publishing costs or overhead of course.

In a couple of years Britain might be competitive with it's cousins us/aus.

These shits have to be bred out to save Britain's aesthetics!

See my HA Ebook and Join Our Dating Sites to support us! Will you please mention in it that British women are nearly as bad? If you keep them at arms legnth and be alot more silent and untouchable?

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v=Pz P1XC51kro[/youtube]I kinda hate his hair, but damn that jaw.

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Discuss aesthetics and the science of attractiveness. I can maybe fluke a hot Eastern European GF/wife in the future for the genes... But he's a borderline retard who has never made anything of his life except appearances on reality TV (if you watch the show its clear he doesn't have a job). If everything in his life was optimal you would expect him to have a high flying career.But something tells me that I can't do this kind of thing alone, and that it'd require a team of people, since it'd a lot of work and involve a lot of projects. I love it personally, but there are so many obstacles to it.Winston Check out my fun video clips in Russia and video series Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind and Full Russia Trip Videos!Anyway, I have a ton of material and know people who would probably agree to be featured in such a magazine.And I'm sure I could find some more if I went out and looked.But I couldn't charge much for subscription fees of course.