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Sasunaru dating fanfiction

Finding that not only he must find his ninja way but he also needs to find out his feelings for the first born of the Hyuuga Clan, Makoto Hyuuga. Now he just had to wait for Naruto to realize that. Thinking of a new start and of leaving his past behind, Naruto moves to another area in town with the help of his friends and parents.

One would think that having said co-worker feeling the same way about him would be good, right?

Title: Introducing: Desire Author: fangirlandiknowit (We should all know who we are.) Website: Completed Chapters: 2 Words: 8846 Banzai: A love more instant than Naruto’s ramen! And get them to act out all this so I can gush over how cute they are and forget the real bitterness in their real relationship. although Naruto’s not very manly, he’s not a crying typical uke either. Nicer still, it’s moving fast enough to be not too fast.

One rule they try - and fail - to live by: Don't get caught up in Naruto's and Sasuke's drama.

Uchiha Sasuke thought that he could deal with being attracted to his co-worker if he didn’t give it much thought.

But, as it turns out, that was much easier said than done.

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NARUTO X SASUKE It's 1928, a year before the crash on Wall Street.

A previously unmarked Naruto comes in to get a large piece on his back that means everything to him. They went out and were passionately in love, or at least, Naruto had believed that to be true.Every time someone meets Sasuke, they always tell him how pretty he is.It annoys him to no end - until he meets a rather attractive blond new coworker who proceeds to not tell him he looks pretty, but instead that he looks like he could clean up a murder scene. Naruto, determined to graduate high school as quickly as possible, wakes up late on the first day of junior year final exams - only to discover himself in bed naked next to Sasuke Uchiha, sh-t nugget extraordinaire, who insists that he is now Sasuke Uzumaki and that they had graduated high school - 10 years ago.Everything was going great until one day Sasuke broke everything off and disappeared from his life with no clear explanation.Years later, Naruto was starting work at one of the most well received tech companies in Japan.Born of the sixth Hokage Naruto Uzumaki and former-s rank, missing ninja Sasuke Uchiha, Yuuki Uchiha learns to grow within the world of Ninja. It irked Naruto, that Sasuke just assumed he would follow him and that he was right. Unlike Naruto, Sasuke had known for awhile that their bond was stronger than just friendship. I share my future dream with Sasuke, and our dream's a secret. " Naruto Uzumaki had a rough past with his ex-lover and the father of his child which he desperately wanted to run from.