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Cornell dating

You can rush at the beginning of your 2nd semester as a freshman or in the fall if you're a transfer or upperclass student.

If you have cool friends you'll have cool house parties to go to.

Each year on the last day of classes is slope day, when all the students skip class to sit on the big slope on campus, drink, smoke, and hang out.

Or you can go bowling at Helen Newman lanes, which is in the basement of Helen Newman Gym right on North Campus by the freshmen dorms.

It's kinda small, but really cute and very cheap.

Cocaine is not my thing, but I had friends who used it occasionally.

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I'll do a survey of drugs on campus since I doubt anyone else will.

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Which leads inevitably to DP Dough (if you don't know, ask somebody).)led the administration to also bring this one under control by involving Ithaca's finest in the parade plans.Despite sounding really, really stupid, the architechture school is one of the best in the world so the dragon is usually flat out sick.Ecstacy was around, of course, but you had to hunt for it; generally a good place to start was down at Theta-Delta (aka Theta-Delt, aka Theta-Drug), but that's five year old intelligence, so who knows? Halucinagenics -- LSD and Mushrooms -- were around, too, if you moved in the right circles.There was a campus hip-hop group I really liked and I remember seeing one of their shows when a friend told me that the DJ was tripping acid for the first time; he was performing pretty well, all things considered.My favorite activity I do here at Cornell is be a part of my sorority, Alpha Xi Delta.