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Drinking water before dating scan

This is something that has been asked numerous times by expectant Mums and the answer is NO.

We will of course make all arrangements for your follow-up care either with our own specialist consultants or with your own care professionals.

We are the only brand in the UK that specialises solely on pregnancy scanning with our primary focus being the health and well-being of both mum and baby.

When you find out your pregnant the prospect of your first scan is both exciting and a little nerve wracking however many mums to be find the standard 2D scans to be a little disappointing as you are limited to what you can see.

4D Scans allow you to meet your baby and see all their little features before they arrive into the world.

The scan will: From 6 weeks a small gestation sac and possibly a small yolk sac can be seen within.

This is still very early but if a heartbeat is seen then the chance of pregnancy continuing is approximately 78%.

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Ultrasound scans have been used in pregnancy for decades and 4D scans work on the exact same principles as a 2D hospital scan with the software creating the 4D image.This scan is performed trans abdominal therefore please ensure that at the time of your scheduled appointment you will be at least 8 weeks.We do not perform trans-vaginal / internal scanning at our clinic.A clear explanation of the procedure and what has been found during the scan will be given to you by our clinical specialist throughout the scan. A full report detailing all aspects of the scan is given to you and can be added to your obstetric records. Should you wish, we can also discuss further screening tests for Downs Syndrome and other anomalies that are not consider more accurate than those available through the NHS.You’ll also be given pictures and depending on the babies age you can also request a 4D image. It is always so hard when this happens, but we are there for you fully, to answer all of your questions and hold your hand through the options that arise.From ears to nose to their tiny fingers and toes the experience is something extremely special that you and the whole family can treasure.