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Are jim and pam dating in real life

Someone rushed in and shouted: "Oh my God, Jim's been killed in an automobile accident." Just as we were stumbling around, wondering what to do, in walks Jim. We laughed at our gullibility and the party went on.' Riding Through the Storm: The band today So, when Manzarek got the call to say Morrison had died in Paris, he refused to take it seriously.

'He was strolling along looking so cool in his skin-tight jeans and his bare feet and we got talking.

We discovered we were both film students at the University College of Los Angeles, and shared an interest in music.

He relieved himself into one of the empty bottles and put it back on the table.

When he was called up to the stage for his prize, he staggered.

'We were walking on the beach when he asked me how old I expected to be when I die. 'When I finally spoke to Pam, she was too distraught to tell me what had happened.

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He wanted to settle down with Pam, and live life the way he wanted to.Learn this trivia "ASAP as possible." The American version of "The Office" ran for nine seasons, won four primetime Emmy awards before it ended in 2013 and is still considered one of the greatest television comedies of all time.

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We decided to start a rock band.' Dorothy Fujikawa, who was then Ray's girlfriend and later became his wife, financially supported the two of them while they worked on their songs.According to Morrison's girlfriend, Pamela Courson, who found his body, he had a beatific smile on his face and - she confessed before her own death two years later - had suffered an accidental overdose of heroin which she had injected into his veins.Four days later, dressed in his best suit and still smiling, he was buried in the poets' corner of the Pere Lachaise cemetery, alongside Oscar Wilde and Moliere.Thirty seven years ago this week, Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the legendary rock band The Doors, was found dead at his apartment in Paris.The coroner said death was due to a haemorrhage brought on by a heart attack, which was caused by taking a too-hot bath after a heavy drinking spree.'It was all pot and cheap wine, the way Jim liked his parties.