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“They don’t think they’ll never return home.” Almost 14 years since her disappearance, Wendy is one of two dozen children missing from Lee and Collier counties, according to the Florida Law Enforcement.

The teen had her own route which included walking by Deerfoot Road.

She promptly disappeared somewhere between the bus-stop and her home and it didn’t take Barbara Spear, Laralee’s mother, long to call Deland Police Department and report her daughter missing. She knew her daughter and knew she would never run away.

Ninety minutes after calling police, her body was spotted by a police helicopter in a secluded area behind an abandoned house on Deerfoot Road. It wasn’t the first time this vacant house was a crime-scene.

About one year prior, the house had been burned down and many believe the unknown killer was familiar with the area.

Laralee’s walking route was right by Deerfoot Road and it’s possible she was picked at random. Teenagers often use the place for drug parties, neighbors say. Several witnesses from the neighborhood informed cops that they saw a black low-rider truck speeding away from the area at about the time the girl disappeared.

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Sadly she would never have a chance to fulfill her career dream.

Authorities do not have photographs of any of the Bautista children, which makes finding them all the more difficult.Laralee enjoyed riding her bike, sing in her church choir, and playing her violin.She loved animals, especially horses and hoped to become a pediatrician.Trucks spilling cows, half-naked dudes running from the cops, and a ...Follow these steps to retrieve the videos stored on your dashcam.“When kids sneak out to go to a party, the worst thing they think is going to happen is they’re going to get caught and grounded by their parents or caught by the police,” Campbell said.